Beauty Inside Out

Holistic Personal Care

  • Aromatherapy for Relaxation
  • Color Therapy for Mood upliftment
  • Creative Routines for Dressing right to Boost Confidense
  • Happiness
  • Easy Coping Mechanisms
  • Eating Right for Good Heath
  • Emotional Wellness
  • Grooming for Self-Wellness
  • Positive Affirmations
  • Self Love & Care
  • Social Wellness
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Combo Packages

Holistic Personal Care

500/ for single service-15 minutes session 1000 for indepth Deep Metal Cleansing – 30 mts 1000 for Counselling -30 mts

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Skin Care

Skin is inarguably a mirror of the body. While high-quality products can make your skin look better now and in the future, low-quality products can be ineffective and even harmful. It is our job to provide suitable regimes and recommend products that take care of your skin the right way.

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Hair Care

Hair is our crowning glory ! Having healthy Hair adds to our personality while ensuring the health of our hair and scalp. To keep your hair as healthy as possible, it is critical to target hair health through Internal Rejuvenation and right hair care product selection.

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Face yoga

Your face reflects your overall health and wellbeing.  Face yoga helps rejuvenate the skin and brightening it up by sculpting and toning the face muscles. We help to wake up sleeping muscles and relax the overworking muscles for a youthful appearance.

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Body Care

Beauty and Personal Care, if simply put, is caring for yourself. Personal care encompasses everything you do to maintain your health – physically, mentally, and spiritually. Although prioritising personal care may appear to be common sense, especially when considering longevity, it is not.

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Geriatric care

Caring for yourself is an ongoing process. Older group(60+) tend to neglect their skin & personal care. However It is very essential to care more as aging skin is easily prone to skin problems. We provide complete support to the elderly for the personal care issues and promote positive feelings of self.

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At Farhat Daud, we are dedicated to providing every individual with credible, responsible and effective health and wellness solutions and consultations that are distinguished by compassion for the human condition.
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